In this age where time and attention are premium assets, I've decided to break free from the conventional, long-winded, and often monotonous bio style. Instead, I'm embracing a more digestible, bullet-point format to paint my professional portrait.

Here's a quick snapshot of my achievements, abilities, and working style in no specific order:

  1. Former owner and operator of a photography studio.

  2. Proficient in three different languages.

  3. Highly technologically knowledgeable with extensive IT experience.

  4. Pivoted from IT to finance in 2012 following the successful rebranding of a client's web and mobile platforms. I worked for ten years.

  5. Co-founded a startup that peaked at a valuation north of $150 million (even though startup valuations can be as mythical as a unicorn's fart), from which I've made a partial exit.

  6. My approach to macroeconomics is strongly shaped by the business cycle.

  7. I possess a well-rounded perspective thanks to my diverse background spanning creativity, technology, and finance.

  8. In my previous role, my research was consumed by premier hedge funds, family offices, sovereign funds and wealthy private individuals.

  9. I strive to demystify complex concepts and leverage charts to weave compelling narratives.

  10. I've had the privilege of engaging with and learning from some of our most distinguished macro thinkers throughout my career.

Rest assured; I'll reveal my identity when the time is just right.

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