In a world consumed by greed and plagued by financial chaos, we introduce you to Banktopia, a twisted realm where insatiable desires overshadow morality and reason for wealth. Journey with us through
20 interesting charts - no bias, no agenda, no bs
Today I discuss the current state of the US housing market, which is experiencing turmoil due to high yields.
Countries with a young demographic profile can be attractive for investment due to their potential for economic growth, innovation, and entrepreneurial…
Every month I will bring you charts that interest me the most. No narrative, no agenda, no bias, just great charts with some concise analysis.
2022 was a tough year for all kind of asset class. The first half of 2023 is set to be as bad as economic data are worsening across the board. Only a…
The end of 2022 is close; time to bring up some daring predictions for 2023. Some will happen, some won’t. The idea is not to nail them all but to put…
In our third weekly instalment, we are looking into consumer confidence globally. Although consumer confidence has collapsed, there is a slight…
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